1620 Wadhams Rd

Smiths Creek, MI 48074

(810) 367.4256


Worship @ 11:00 AM & 6:00 PM
Small Groups @ 10:00 AM

Bible Study/Prayer Meeting/ Children's Program 7:00 PM

1620 Wadhams Road

Smiths Creek, MI 48074

(810) 367-4256


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What About My Teens?

The Teen Years.... These years can be trying for parents, as well as their teenage child. CBC has a youth group that averages around 50 teens on a Sunday morning.  God has blessed us with a youth center and a gymnasium that the teens utilize on a weekly basis.  

The youth of today face many pressures, that we did not face, when we were that age. So, CBC strives to love and teach the youth to live for God and to serve God.  The Sunday school hour at 10 a.m. starts with vibrant singing and announcements, then divides the teens into classes.  We have 4 classes; Jr High Boys, Jr High Girls, High School Boys, and High School Girls.  Our teachers for this department have some of our strongest Christians teaching our youth.  

Secondly, on Wednesdays, the teens have a youth rally each week at 7 p.m. Pastor Joe DeHass organizes an activity, snacks and then teaches the youth an encouraging and helpful Bible message.  

Lastly, the youth are offered activities, like: working on a bus route, going to youth conferences, mission trips, singing in choirs, and fun events, scheduled throughout the year.

For further information call 810-367-4256

Counseling is available upon request.